Manage Members

Select Members from the sidebar. From this page, you can manually add members, import member files, send invites to members, and assign tags to members.

At the top of the screen you will see guidance about your account in terms of having enough paid seats to invite more members.

Action buttons, Invite, Add Member, Import File, Revoke, Delete will be active (blue) or inactive (grey) depending on whether they are relevant to the members you have checked (or not checked) in the list below. If you have not selected any members then relevant actions at the moment will be to add a single person via email or import a csv file of people to invite.

In the list of members, pay particular attention to the Guide column. This provides a quick suggestion about what you should be doing next with tht particular person.\

There are different Guide actions:

  1. When a member is added, the Guide action is "Invite". We need to invite that member.

  2. When a member is invited, the Guide action is "Wait". We need to wait for that member to accept their email invitation.

  3. When a member accepts their invitation, the Guide action is "OK". It is ok now, we don't need to do anything more.

  4. When a member's invitation expires, the Guide action is "Re-invite". We need to re-invite them by sending another email.

  5. When a member is revoked, they are still in the list, and the Guide action is back to Invite because you might want to invite them again next.

More advanced features that take up more space to work with are found using the Edit control in the Action column. In particular, this is where Role and Tags can be changed to manage permissions within Control Center and access to tools and integrations via the GenStudio workspace.

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