Sep 8th 2023

Introducing the first release of, equipped with enhanced features, improvements, and bug fixes for a more intuitive, customizable, and efficient AI productivity experience.


New Features

  • Text Update: The text has been updated for better clarity.

  • Multiple Choice Variable Format: Support for multiple choice variable format has been added, increasing the flexibility for data inputs.

  • Image Rendering: We've improved our system to render images right away when receiving a response, speeding up the display process.


  • Theme Colors and Text Update: We've updated the theme colors and fetched new text for a more coherent visual experience. Also, we've ensured the consistent use of sign-in, sign-up, sign-out text throughout the platform.

  • Favicon Fix: Fixed an issue with the favicon for pages ending with "/".

Bug Fixes

  • Broken Image Display: Solved an issue where images would not display when they were expired or broken, enhancing the visual experience.

  • List Display in GenStudio: Fixed an issue where the display of lists was broken in GenStudio.

Control Center

New Features

  • Language Selection: We've added a language selection feature to the Control Center, providing a more user-friendly experience for non-English speakers.

  • Control Center Customization: We've now allowed for customization of the Control Center's Sign in and Sign up pages for a more personalized experience.


  • CSV Upload: Spaces in emails and names are now automatically stripped when uploading a CSV file of members, ensuring better data consistency.

  • Password Validation: We've updated the password validation to be more inclusive of symbol characters.

  • Logo Update: Users can now upload logos with larger file sizes, and we've also changed the logo format to .png for better quality. Company logo in emails has also been enlarged for better visibility.

  • Sign up Page: A new sign-up page has been implemented for a smoother onboarding process.

  • Onboarding Enhancement: We've made improvements to the onboarding process for new users, making it easier and more intuitive.

  • Assets Optimization: Assets used in Sign in and Sign up pages have been optimized for faster load times.

Bug Fixes

  • Case Insensitive Emails: Emails for login and reset password functionality are now case insensitive, avoiding confusion for users.

  • Key Error in JSON Format: Fixed a key error issue in the conversion of old JSON format.

  • Menu Sidebar: Fixed a bug where the menu sidebar was not appearing.

  • Responsive UI: Fixed console errors on Sign in, Sign up pages, and improved responsive design for the Control Center.

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