How to Use

Teach Me Anything offers 8 different categories to help you create a personalized learning experience. Here's an overview of each field, along with some example selections you might consider:

These examples are not exhaustive, you can enter anything that you think is appropriate, and the AI will adjust.

  • Lesson – the specific subject or topic you want to learn about.

    • The History of Renaissance Art

    • Macroeconomics

  • Language – the language in which you want the information to be presented.

    • Spanish

    • English

    • French

  • Education Level – the complexity and depth of the lesson designed to match a specific educational background or understanding.

    • Elementary

    • High School

    • Undergraduate

    • Postgraduate

  • Learning Style – the preferred method or approach through which you best understand and retain information.

    • Visual (infographics, charts)

    • Auditory (spoken explanations, podcasts)

    • Kinesthetic (interactive exercises, simulations)

    • Reading/Writing (textual content, worksheets)

  • Communication Style – The manner in which the information is articulated or conveyed.

    • Formal (academic, business-like)

    • Informal (casual, conversational)

    • Succinct (brief, to-the-point)

    • Detailed (comprehensive, in-depth)

  • Tone Style – The emotional quality or mood of the lesson.

    • Professional (neutral, objective)

    • Friendly (warm, approachable)

    • Humorous (light-hearted, funny)

    • Enthusiastic (passionate, animated)

  • Reasoning Framework – The logical structure or method used to present and make sense of the information.

    • Analytical (break down of components)

    • Critical (evaluating pros and cons)

    • Conceptual (big picture, overarching themes)

    • Practical (step-by-step, actionable insights)

  • Using Emojis – Incorporating emojis to add an expressive or illustrative element to the content.

    • True or False

You don't have to fill out every category, but make sure to remove the default text if you don't want it to impact the results of your lesson.

After you've personalized these categories and pressed the Generate button, Teach Me Anything will reiterate your preferences and tell you how to create a lesson plan.


The /plan command asks the AI to create a lesson plan that matches your preferences. The output will vary widely depending on your initial inputs.


The /change command allows you to modify your preferences. For example, you could change Learning Style by entering /change learning style=Active.


The /skip command allows you to skip a certain part of the lesson For example, if Teach Me Anything is suggesting pre-requisite content that you already feel comfortable with, type /skip to move forward.


The /start command is used to officially start the lesson once you are happy with your preferences and the lesson plan.


The /continue command is used to move the lesson forward to the next topic.


The /continue command is used to test your understanding of a lesson section. Teach Me Anything will create questions or open-ended dialogue to test if you fully comprehend the curriculum or need more review/practice.

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