How to Use

To get started with Image Generator, you need to provide a description of the image you wish to create. Here are some general guidelines for terms:

  • Objects – Use names of objects such as apple, car, house, etc.

  • Colors – Specify colors such as red, blue, green, etc.

  • Sizes – Specify sizes like large, small, tall, etc.

  • Shapes – Specify shapes like square, round, rectangular, etc.

  • Materials – Specify types of materials like wooden, metal, glass, etc.

  • Animals/People – Specify different types of animals or people like cat, dog, woman, man, etc.

  • Scenery – Specify different types of scenery like sunset, beach, mountain, etc.

  • Moods – Specify different moods like happy, sad, angry, etc.

  • Realism – Specify the degree of accuracy or abstractness like photorealistic, cartoonish, impressionist, etc.

You can only generate one image per request based on the provided description.

Remember, the more specific your description, the more accurate the generated image will be. For example, instead of just saying "cat", you might say "a large orange cat sitting on a blue sofa". This will give the model a more specific image to generate.

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