Oct 16th 2023

We're excited to share the latest updates to GenStudio and Control Center. We've introduced new features, made significant improvements, and fixed some bugs to enhance your user experience.


New Features

  • Collaboration Chat: You can now view a list of members in a collaborated conversation, chat within the conversation, and view the conversation history. Additionally, collaborators can now edit the name of shared conversations.

  • Display Sender Name: We've added visual elements to improve your chat experience - the sender's name is displayed in collaboration chats, and if you hover over the sender's avatar, the sender's name will also appear.

  • Multiple Language Support: We've supported French translations.

  • Logo Updates: We've added the SkyDeck.ai TM logo to the user.skydeck.ai page and updated the SkyDeck TM logo for auth.skydeck.ai.

  • Enhanced Member List UI: The user interface for the member list has been enhanced for better readability and navigation.

  • Model Selection Persistence: Your model selection will now persist across sessions, saving you time and effort.


  • UI Enhancements: We've made various improvements to the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Migration to SSO: We've migrated Rapid Onboarding to Single Sign-On (SSO) to streamline user access across multiple platforms.

  • Conversation Reordering: Conversations are now reordered based on their last-updated-at time, enabling you to easily track your recent conversations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Navigation Bug: We've fixed a bug that affected navigation to the home page after viewing a collaborated URL.

  • Fixed Message API Logic: We've fixed a bug in the logic of the messages API to ensure accurate data retrieval and display.

  • Fixed Broken Links: We've fixed a broken link to the Control Center sign-in page to ensure easy and uninterrupted access.

  • Fixed Styling Issue: We've addressed a styling issue with the conversation title in Firefox and Safari for better readability.

  • Fixed DLP Modal Cache Issue: We've fixed a bug where the DLP modal was showing old cache and flashing.

  • Fixed Auto Scroll: We've fixed an issue that now auto scrolls to the bottom when a conversation is opened.

  • DLP Mode: We've fixed a bug where the system was checking for sensitive data even when the DLP mode was set to OFF.

  • Owner Rights: We've fixed a bug that prevented owners from seeing their conversations after SSO migration.

Control Center

New Features

  • Billing Enhancements: We've made major strides in improving the billing experience with features like payment status synchronization with Stripe and an improved Billing UI.

  • Feature Access Control: We've implemented feature access control in three phases, providing you the flexibility to manage access to different features.

  • Locale Synchronization: We've improved locale in the Control Center, enhancing the user experience for different locales.


  • Onboarding Guide: We've made improvements to the onboarding guide, making it easier for new users to navigate through the product.

  • Rapid Onboarding: We've updated the rapid onboarding feature to only show the popup if the owner is in an Active Free Trial Plan.

  • Timezone Setting: The system now automatically sets the timezone for the account when a user signs up.

Bug Fixes

  • Owner Rights: We've fixed a bug where the owner couldn't assign/delete tags of members. Additionally, we've addressed an issue that prevented owners from re-inviting members.

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