This is where you interact with your Large Language Model (LLM) Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. You do so in a conversational chat fashion. You can 'talk' directly to your models using the "default" tool. This is how your session starts out. Just ask your LLM anything. These are your "prompts" to the model. But there are best practices you can follow to get better results. For example, just asking for better results can produce better results, for example, "As an expert in physics explaining to a child, explain why the sky is blue." Your input should be entered in the input field at the bottom of the screen. You submit it to your LLM for a response by clicking on the send button on the right hand side of the input field.

You can select which model is to be used from the menu on the right hand side just above the input field. You can change your model choice at any time. Some models will be more appropriate than others. For example, GPT-4 is one of the most advanced models to date and tends to produce more carefully thought out responses. However, Anthropic's Claude models can support much larger context windows (about as much as an entire book) which allows you to submit large documents in your prompt for review, background, or modification. You can copy the text of your prompts and responses to your clipboard using the icon in the upper right hand side. This is a handy way to include your work in other documents. If you do not like the result your model produces, you have three options. You can ask it to "Regenerate response" using the button above your input field. You can change your model and ask it to try regenerate its response. And (coming soon) you will be able to edit your prompt and try again.\

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