Oct 30th 2023

We're excited to bring you our latest updates, featuring new user-centric features, interface enhancements, and important bug fixes. This includes a new Okta sign-in icon, email templates, etc.


New Features

  • Okta Sign-In Button Icon: We've added an icon for the Okta sign-in button, enhancing the visual cues in our user interface.

  • Reset Tools to Default: You can now reset your tools to their default settings with a simple click of the navigate back button.

  • Message Time-stamping: We've added a timestamp to messages, enabling you to track the timing of messages more accurately.


  • Email Templates in French: We've updated our email templates in French, improving communication for our French-speaking users.

  • Error Messaging: We've improved the error message you see when getting subdomain info fails, helping you understand the issue more clearly.

  • Sidebar Item and Conversation Message Layout: We've refined the layout of the sidebar item and conversation message, improving the overall user interface.

  • Sidebar and Message UI: We've further refined the sidebar and message UI, ensuring a more user-friendly and visually-appealing experience.

  • Long Conversation Truncation: Fixed an issue where long conversations were not being truncated properly, improving the readability of conversations.

Bug Fixes

  • Collaboration Conversation Error: We've fixed an issue that was causing errors when joining a collaboration conversation.

  • Model Selection Default Value: We've fixed an issue where the model selection was persisting an incorrect default value.

  • Overflow Table in Assistant Message: We've fixed an overflow issue in the assistant message table, improving its readability and appearance.

Control Center

Bug Fixes

  • Session Timeout: Increased session timeout for tenants to 72 hours, ensuring you can stay logged in for longer without interruption.

  • Case Sensitivity Check: Reviewed and fixed issues with the case sensitivity checking, enhancing the robustness of our system.

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