How to Use

To get started with Strategy Consultant, you just need to provide your questions or prompts!

The AI will follow a structured flow of operations to generate insightful responses:

  1. Thoughts Decomposition – Break down the information given or the problem into smaller sub-questions or 'thoughts'.

  2. Thoughts Generation – Generate potential answers or 'thoughts' for each of these sub-questions.

  3. Thoughts Evaluation – Evaluate the relevance and potential impact of each thought.

  4. Search Algorithm – Choose the most promising thought to further develop into a detailed response.

  5. I want to know more about – If there are any knowledge gaps or specific types of information needed to provide a well-informed response, I will request additional information from you.

If the output seems to be missing some nuance or perspectives, you can submit additional information and Strategy Consultant with refine the stratgies it presents.

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