Sep 18th 2023

Welcome to our first major features update for both Control Center and GenStudio. This update brings you new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance your experience.


New Features

  • Data Loss Prevention: A new feature has been introduced to prevent the loss of conversation data (only Advanced plan).

  • Rapid Onboarding: A new trial modal has been implemented to help you get onboard faster.

  • Sign Out from All Tabs: This new feature allows you to sign out from all tabs at once, saving you time and effort.

  • Subdomain Improvement: The subdomain input field on the sign-in page has been improved for a better user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Grammar Correction: We've corrected a grammatical error to improve the clarity of our content.

Control Center

New Features

  • Access Control: Owners can now revoke access for team members, providing more control over team management.

  • Setup Guide: A separate page has been created for the Setup Guide to help you get started more easily.

  • French Translation: The Billing & Payment section now supports French language for easier understanding.

  • Member Seats Information: We've added more details about 'seats' on the Members page to give you a better understanding of your team structure.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Accuracy: We've fixed an issue that was causing duplicate data entries to provide you with more accurate information.

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