Example – Python Script Assistance

Follow along with a step-by-step demonstration of Pair Programmer

In this example, we are asking Pair Programmer to help with a Python script that is not working as intended in relation to large CSV files.

The tool takes a second to analyze your prompt. Every response is customized, so no prompts will have the exact same output. For this prompt, Pair Programmer started with Requirements that reiterated what we asked.

Sometimes you may ask for a solution that does not exist. Pair Programmer may let you know if it can provide an adequate answer and how the tool is going to answer your prompt.

For our Python script prompt, Pair Programmer is explaining different ways we can modify our script, complete with code examples.

Pair Programmer may also ask some follow-up questions to better understand the constraints or specifics of your situation.

We answered the last question by typing Disk I/O is the bottleneck. Pair Programmer automatically understands the context for each additional query.

Pair Programmer then provides updated strategies that better suit your needs. There may be more follow-up questions. As you answer more questions and provide further information, your output will be more specific.

If you are want to run the prompt again, click Regenerate response button. It will regenerate the answer to the last prompt you submitted.

Note – The output from the first iteration will be replaced with the regenerated response.


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