Example – Intro to Programming

Follow along with a step-by-step demonstration of Teach Me Anything

In this example, we were interested in learning about Python Programming at an undergraduate level:

  • Lesson – Introduction to Python Programming

  • Language – English

  • Education Level – Undergraduate

  • Learning Style – Mixed - Visual (infographics, charts) and Lecture

  • Communication Style – Informal

  • Tone Style – Encouraging

  • Reasoning Framework – Practical (step-by-step, actionable insights)

  • Using Emojis – Yes

Teach Me Anything generates a cirriculum:

Once the lesson is started, the AI will work through each section of the cirriculum:

At any time you can ask for more help or test your understanding:

And Teach Me Anything will cover the topic or question with more depth:

You can then test your understanding:\

When you are happy with your progress, jump back into the next cirriculum topic any time:

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