Data Loss Prevention

Our data loss prevention system helps users safeguard their personal identifiable information (PII). It works by scanning user input for sensitive data, and provides real-time warnings to help prevent unintentional data exposure.

The system is designed to detect a wide range of sensitive data types. When a user's input includes these types of data, our system will alert the user. The user then has the option to send the message anyway, anonymize the text, or choose not to send the message at all.

List of supported entities:

Global Entities:

  • Credit Card Numbers

  • Crypto Wallet Numbers

  • Email Addresses

  • International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN)

  • Phone Numbers

  • Medical License Numbers

Country Specific Entities:


  • US Bank Account Numbers

  • US Driver License Numbers

  • US Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

  • US Passport Numbers

  • US Social Security Numbers (SSN)


  • UK National Health Service (NHS) Numbers


  • Spanish Tax ID (NIF) Numbers


  • Italian Personal Identification Codes

  • Italian Driver License Numbers

  • Italian VAT Code Numbers

  • Italian Passport Numbers

  • Italian Identity Card Numbers


  • Singapore National Registration Identification Card Numbers


  • Australian Business Numbers (ABN)

  • Australian Company Numbers (ACN)

  • Australian Tax File Numbers (TFN)

  • Australian Medicare Numbers

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